Where The Streets Have No Name, Levis Stadium (5-17-17)

Hey everyone,

Here’s our boys performing WTSHNN in front of that incredible screen.

This song never gets hold (for me) and I just wish I was closer to the stage. My little Canon G-16 did the best that it could, but it struggled a bit. Plus, it was tough staring at the little color LCD screen to keep the image properly framed.

I was also surprised at how tired my arms got trying to hold the camera steady for only one song. How do others keep it steady?

Anyway, hope you enjoy the fellas doing their thing. Drink it all in.

U2 performing “Where The Streets Have No Name” on 5-19-15 in San Jose, Ca.

The best song to be heard live. I’ve listened to this songs thousands of times, but nothing compares to witnessing the band play it right in front of you. Thanks to fan MikeJ for the video. Enjoy!!

New post coming soon.