Throwback Thursday

There’s a term that’s probably been around for a while but I’ve only learned about it recently. I’ve seen it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. From what I understand, it’s a term that is used to hark back to another period in time.

For my first Throwback Thursday post, I would like to ask if anyone remembers this bad boy?
The Claw in Anaheim

Known by many as The Claw during the band’s last tour, this structure, along with the nearly 360-degree stage was an ostentatious and architectural marvel. This structure was brash, rococo and most of loud. I was fortunate enough to see four shows during their nearly three-year run and smart enough to bring a small digital camera.

The Claw

The Claw

With our favorite Irish quartet charging across Europe like a rock ‘n’ roll stampede for Innocence + Experience, one could see the influences that the 360 Tour had on the current tour. I’m not going take anything away from i+e because it is an awesome show and that was because 360 set the bar so high.

In the upcoming Thursdays, I’d like to post more images that I took from the second show at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, California in 2011.

I hope you enjoy them.

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. I had GA for the first North American show in Chicago. Got in line at obscene thirty and landed on the rail on Edge’s side. Felt like a Mac truck had hit me by the day’s end but OMG so worth it.


    • Wow, I’ll bet it was a long day, but like you said worth it. I got in the GA line at Anaheim around 9:00 am and it was a long, hot day. But, I scored a place on the rail on Edge’s side and took some of the best pictures I’ve ever taken at a U2 show. I’m going to post them over the next few weeks.

      Thanks again for your response. I love hearing about other fan’s stories.


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