U2 invades San Jose

Ireland’s most powerful rock force will occupy Silicon Valley on May 18th and 19th.  Attendees will have their senses assaulted on both nights at SAP Center in San Jose, California, home of the San Jose Sharks. A spectacle is sure to be witnessed as the band has honed their tactics over three decades to truly become one of rock music’s last superpowers.

The shows have been sold out for months and a quick check of fan forums confirms some desperate seekers still scouring the web for tickets. This is the dilemma every time the gang from Dublin comes to town: demand far exceeds supply. With every tour, the price for a single ticket nearly doubles. While this may be a by-product of the high cost of touring in the 21st century, it is also a glowing testimony of their staying power. But I will admit that it gets a little harder for me to see them every time they come.

Long time official fan club subscribers—like yours truly—know that there are benefits to membership. One of them is the ability to buy tickets before they go on sale to the general public. This in itself is definitely worth the annual fee. It is the only way I can sleep soundly knowing that I have secured seats to both performances. And yes, I would lose sleep if I didn’t have tickets. It’s all about having a plan… and enough room on my credit card. Fortunately, I have both.

As the band has already set up camp in downtown San Jose, we all patiently—and agonizingly—bide our time until tomorrow.

The countdown to the invasion has begun.

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