Bono not fully recovered

With the tour now less than two weeks away, reports on the web say that Bono hasn’t fully recovered from his surgery last year. Evidently, there is nerve damage that will take about thirteen months to heal. A May 1st, 2015 Time magazine article described his inability to bend two fingers on his left and another part his hand is numb.

My guess is the shows will still be awesome as the band and tour managers have had time to plan this into the tour. Most of us know that Bono wasn’t the best guitar player but I never minded him playing, even though some of the band’s producers weren’t crazy about him doing it. On DVD of the making of the How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, producer Steve Lillywhite comments on Bono’s guitar playing seeping through. It is clear that he prefers Bono not playing, but he’s really not going stop the band’s front-man from doing so. And, I would bet serious money that Bono loves playing even though he admits that the rest of the band is not crazy about it.

My hope is that he doesn’t push himself too hard to show that he can still rock like a young man. I believe that he will listen to his doctors and pace himself accordingly, but he still is a rock star and will want to move the crowd. I also read that Bono will be sporting a new hairstyle for the tour. A couple of images out there show it is buzzed on the sides and longer on top and it is lighter in color. I like it.

He changes his look with each new album and I’m always impressed with choice he makes. There’s an effortless air of style about it like the decision was made quickly and with little thought by a man who has been cool for his entire adult life and didn’t think much of it. I would surmise that his style consultants have worked very hard to achieve just that notion and I applaud them.

As the band readies themselves for a world tour, we all wait with nervous anticipation and tempered (some not-so-tempered) excitement for rock’s hottest ticket. It’s been nearly four years for me and it is always a little surprising to feel such a high level of eagerness every time U2 comes to town. They make me feel young.


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